Thursday, September 25, 2008

Corporate welfare

Remind me about this next time someone talks about how Republicans are the party of big business and corporate America.

Update: So I went to Thomas in search of the vote tallies for the yea and nays, and decided to click on a link entitled "yesterday in Congress". This is a sampling of some of the legislation I found:

* H.CON.RES.223 : Honoring professional surveyors and recognizing their contributions to society.
* H.CON.RES.351 : Honoring the 225th Anniversary of the Continental Congress meeting in Nassau Hall, Princeton, New Jersey, in 1783.
* H.CON.RES.426 : Recognizing the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Minority AIDS Initiative.
* H.RES.671 : Supporting the goals and ideals of National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.
* H.RES.1000 : To commemorate the 250th Anniversary of the Naming of Pittsburgh as the culmination of the Forbes Campaign across Pennsylvania and the significance this event played in the making of America, in the settlement of the Continent, and in spreading the ideals of freedom and democracy throughout the world.
* H.RES.1453 : Supporting the goals and ideals of Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month.
* H.RES.1494 : Recognizing the 100th anniversary of The Christian Science Monitor newspaper.
* H.RES.1495 : Supporting the goals and ideals of National Assisted Living Week.
* H.RES.1496 : Recognizing persons of African descent in Europe.

That is just a small sample. They certainly do have their priorities.

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