Monday, October 13, 2008

Days of Rage

There is increasing talk in the mainstream media about McCain rallies descending into apoplexies of unbridled anger as the fortunes of their favored candidate dwindle. Indeed the New York Times commentariat is warning that this could presage a political minority under an Obama Administration that chafe and reflexively protest his every action.

Like so many topics raised by the media I ignored this, but was forced to re-evaluate when I noticed that friend of mine on facebook posted a video of McCain supporters heckling and shouting abuse at a group of people wielding pro-Obama signs. Clearly the meme has spread.

So now I have to ask...where have these people been the better part of the last eight years?

Update: The notion of McCain's at least tacit support of this rage becomes all the more ridiculous when we see that McCain himself has been urging his supporters to be respectful of Obama.

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