Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The bright side

  • The next occupant of the White House will not be Hillary Clinton.
  • If John McCain had won, so what? Would that have really been something to celebrate? With the Democratic Congress about the only thing he could have passed was global warming legislation and other issues where he disagrees with his own party. I've had enough of being sold out on conservative/libertarian principles with Bush, I don't need more from McCain.
  • The last two elections were more important than this one. If Bush had lost in 2004 we would have lost in Iraq. It's that simple. Kerry would have pulled us out and Al Qaeda would have done cartwheels in our wake. Also there would be two liberals instead of Alito and Roberts on the Supreme Court.
  • For Republicans the field is wide open for a new leadership to emerge. Remember, 4 years of Jimmy Carter ended up Ronald Reagan. Who knows who could emerge in the next few years? Mark Sanford?
  • No more Bush Derangement Syndrome.
  • Obama has far bigger majorities in the House and Senate than when Bush took office. The flip side of this is that he has no excuse for falling short in his governance of this country.
  • My prediction that we would have a black president before a female president that I made back in the mid-90s has now come true.
  • We've now handily elected a black guy for president. This means that the next time we reject a black guy for office that cries of racism will seem even more ridiculous than they otherwise would.
  • The stock of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other race hustlers just took a dive.

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