Tuesday, November 04, 2008


A few thoughts:

  • Despite widespread talk of optimism within the McCain camp I think Obama is going to win. He won Dixville Notch, NH by something like 15-6, which is the first time a Democrat has won that town since the 1960s. And folks, he not only won, but he did so by a 3-1 margin. Republicans better hope this merely confirms that New Hampshire is now a solidly blue statue and nothing else, but I doubt that is the case.
  • Further, Democrats seem to believe that they are on their way to a 58 seat majority in the Senate. If that is true then it also has to mean that our next president's first name is Barack. Lastly, the realclearpolitics electoral map projection paints a pretty convincing victory for Obama. If I recall correctly that map nailed every state but one in 2004.
  • I will be monitoring the election online, mainly though instapundit and The Campaign Spot blog, which was a real diamond in the rough 4 years ago with plenty of inside info from the GOP camp. It was also extremely accurate during the last go around and is well worth paying attention to. If you find a grim mood there, it's officially over.
  • The long lines this morning evaporated in DC. Stopping by the polling place at 5:30 pm I was in and out in 5 minutes. I was all set to vote for Bob Barr but the Libertarian Party is so pathetic these days that he wasn't on the ballot, so I went with McCain. Evan Coyne Maloney expresses my thoughts exactly about voting -- that is if I would have been able to vote for Barr.
  • Lastly, when I walked into my workplace this morning I overheard a coworker telling another one about how he enthusiastically got up at 5:30 this morning so he could cast his vote for John McCain, adding how silly he thought it was that he should vote for someone based on shared skin color. More than who he voted for, his rationale was extremely heart warming.

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