Monday, November 03, 2008

Mark Sanford

Why I heart Sanford:
Let's hear it for South Carolina's GOP Gov. Mark Sanford. Governors and mayors are holding out tin cups in Washington in hopes of getting a chunk of yet another bailout package -- $150 billion this time -- that a lame duck Congress is expected to move on after Tuesday's election. 

Sanford made his plea too, but he wasn't holding a tin cup. He was the only governor to urge the House Ways and Means Committee last Wednesday to drop the whole idea of another bailout, or as it's called in D.C. -- "stimulus package."

..."I'm here to beg of you not to approve or advance the contemplated $150 billion stimulus package," said the South Carolinian. "This $150 billion salve may in fact further infect our economy with unnecessary government influence and unintended fiscal consequences."
 If Sanford runs for president I would gladly donate to his campaign and go knock on doors. I don't know how many other politicians I can say that about.

(via Club for Growth)

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