Thursday, March 05, 2009

More buyer's remorse

Now from Jim Cramer:
I am proud to have voted for the Obama who I thought understood the need to get us on the right path, and create jobs and wealth before taxing it and making moves that hurt job creation -- certainly ones that will outweigh the meager number of jobs he's creating.

Most important, I believe his agenda is crushing nest eggs around the nation in loud ways, like the decline in the averages, and in soft but dangerous ways, like in the annuities that can't be paid and the insurance benefits that will be challenging to deliver on.

So I will fight the fight against that agenda.
So you can add him to others such as David Brooks and Christopher Buckley. There is even disquiet among his supporters, with Maureen Dowd less than thrilled about the agenda and Roger Cohen warning the president to avoid his temptation to remake the U.S. in the image of France. People are starting to figure Obama out, albeit belatedly.

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