Monday, March 23, 2009


It seems that every day brings a new outrage, and frequently more than one. Scrolling through some of instapundit's recent posts I noticed that Newsweek has an article about companies that have received funds from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) -- aka taxpayer bailout money -- making donations to "select members of Congress, particularly those who serve on committees that oversee TARP."

Anyone who is so naïve not to see this one coming ought to save the rest of us some trouble and burn their voter registration cards. Anytime politicians start making decisions about what corporations get money don't be surprised when corporations take a more active interest in politics.

G-5, the only way to fly.

Then there's a story about JPMorgan -- a company that has received $25 billion in bailout money -- spending $138 million on new Gulfstream jets and a new hangar. Remember, the current AIG bonus controversy that has received so much attention involved about $165 million. But hey, JPMorgan is just following the standard set by our own government -- which is $11 trillion in the hole -- and still flies around top government officials in its own fleet of Gulfstreams.

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