Wednesday, April 22, 2009


At an Easter brunch I was told -- which a quick google search confirms -- that Michelle Obama has planted "victory garden" at the White House. This struck me as pretty odd, given that to the best of my knowledge victory gardens were an artifact of the second World War as a device to increase food production. Why such a thing was needed today I hadn't a clue.

Well, apparently that was a precursor to something truly bewildering -- a "people's garden." I kid you not.

At the groundbreaking Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack referred to his department as "the people's department" and further hailed the project both for reducing global warming and providing green jobs:
I'm proud that these efforts and maintenance of the garden will be "green jobs" and that USDA is moving forward in every way possible to mitigate climate change.
So now we know what the nebulous term "green jobs" means:

I'm guessing the third world would gladly exchange some of their green jobs for some more modern, polluting ones.

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