Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Photo op II

Yesterday's Air Force One fly-by wasn't cheap:
The cost of the frivolous flight was about $60,000 an hour and that was just for Air Force One. That doesn't include the cost of the two F-16s that came along.
National Review points out that the government could have simply used Photoshop and achieved a result that looks like this (or this):

This approach would have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars -- but who cares when you are spending other people's money?

It's stuff like this that makes me crack up when I hear people talk about all the cost savings that will come from government-run health care.


vince said...

$60k an hour? who cares?

we have a $34534 trillion deficit. that's mice nuts

my outrage is in check

vince said...

since when does the national review give a flying fuck about how tax payers dollars are spent?

where were they the last 8 years?

oh yeah - railing against gay marriage.

conservative fascists!

Colin said...

The amount of money spent is, by itself, insignificant. But it is symbolic of government in action and the dangers of assigning it additional responsibilities.