Friday, April 10, 2009

Protest signs

A list of slogans for people that plan to attend next week's tax day protests (of which I am one). Some of my favs include:
Can We Bankrupt the Country? YES WE CAN!
Congress Is A Toxic Asset
Debt Is the Problem - How Can It Be the Solution, Too?
Don't Forget About Us EMPLOYED People!
Don't Spread the Wealth - Spread My Work Ethic
Don't Tax Me, Bro!
Free Markets, Not Freeloaders
Haste, Waste, and Fear Are Not an Economic Plan!
I Am Not Your ATM
I'll Pay for My House - You Pay for Yours
Save the Children - Stop Spending Their Money
The Constitution: the Other Document They Never Read
Socialism Works Until You Run Out Of the Other Guy's Money
I wonder if anyone will have this for all the Obama voters out there:

Will post pictures Wednesday evening.

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