Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stat of the day

38 percent of members of Congress sent or are sending their children to private schools.
Public schools: good for thee but not for me. Read the whole column, which details the Obama Administration's efforts to kill school vouchers for low-income children in DC. Here are two such children:

Their names are Sarah and James Parker and they currently attend Sidwell Friends, the same school that President Obama sends his own children to and the same school that President Clinton sent his daughter to. Here's what awaits them if the voucher program is ended:
I once took Sarah to Roosevelt High School to see its metal detectors and security guards," [Sarah's mother] says. "I wanted to scare her into appreciation for what she has at Sidwell." It's not just safety, either. According to the latest test scores, fewer than half of Roosevelt's students are proficient in reading or math.
An absolute disgrace. Furthermore, just imagine how this story would play if it was mostly white Republican politicians trying to kill a program that enabled inner city children to attend the same school that their own kids went to. Just think about it. The voucher debate has nothing to do with the best interests of the children and everything to do with protecting the government, status quo and teacher's unions.

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amen. "change," my a$$