Friday, July 10, 2009


Things that caught my eye this morning:
  • Department of Justice lawyers are apparently ready to crack their whip on the cell phone industry for reasons that are not at all apparent.
  • The president of Creators Syndicate explains why the company is leaving Los Angeles.

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Paradigm Shifter said...

Re: the DOJ and Senator Kerry's investigation into the cell phone industry...
I wonder if Senator Kerry and the DOJ will not only ignore the satisfied consumers, but the companies' stories of the work they had to do to satisfy the customer. Apple was able to receive very favorable terms from AT&T for the iPhone given Apple's strong brand image. Those terms allowed significant savings to be passed on to the consumer in the purchase price of the device. Also, does anyone think Apple would have developed the iPhone without being able to single source it to a cell phone service provider? They have no skin in the provider game, nor should they. They are device, and not service, experts. Allowing them to focus exclusively on the device given the single network they had to be compatible with made the business equation far stronger than if they had to work on multiple networks.