Thursday, August 20, 2009

Barbara Wagner

While this video lends itself to some dramatic interpretations, here are some of my thoughts:
  • Having the government in charge of health care does not change the reality that resources remain limited. Given this fact, we should strive for the system that allocates scarce resources most efficiently. Traditionally this has not been the government.
  • When consumers don't bear costs directly they generally don't skimp on health care resource consumption.
  • Would Wagner have been denied care if she were related to the governor? To automatically assume she wouldn't have been treated differently strikes me as naive.
  • Is a government-run system of health care resource allocation more ethical or moral than the free market? If so, it's not at all apparent.
  • Under a single payer system the Barbara Wagners of the world would be almost completely at the mercy of government-run bodies for deciding whether or not they get care. Under a free market system the consumer would choose the level of benefits they are willing to pay for, having much more of a say in their level of care.
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