Monday, August 24, 2009


Swedish kids like vouchers.
  • Johan Norberg says that recent comments from Naomi Klein, author of the anti-capitalist The Shock Doctrine, confirm his suspicions that she is not really against the shock, just the doctrine.
  • Dan Mitchell points out that enrollment in private high schools in Sweden has seen a dramatic increase since the introduction of vouchers in 1992 and has been accompanied by improvements in the quality of public schools.
  • Big government and big business working together: the Los Angeles Times talks to experts who say current health care reform efforts could produce a financial "bonanza" for insurance companies.
  • Robert Samuelson calls the Obama Administration's support for high-speed rail a "dispiriting example of government's inability to learn from past mistakes." Update: Randal O'Toole says Samuelson is being too kind.

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