Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weekend links

  • One British writer says that the American right's criticisms of Britain's National Health Service hurt because there is so much truth to them.
  • Some Whole Foods shoppers are vowing a boycott of the store in response to the CEO's op-ed calling for a free-market approach to health care reform. This, of course, goes both ways and I stopped by the store yesterday for my grocery needs.
  • Mark Perry notes that prospects for the successful conclusion of Democratic-led health care reform are taking a beating on the prediction markets.
  • Michael Cannon notes health care providers using the government to stifle competition and increase prices.
  • Despite vows to spend up stimulus spending it has actually been slowing down.


Paradigm Shifter said...

As I said to a friend yesterday, I am all for those opposed to the Whole Foods CEO's comments to boycott the store. I just ask that such people allow us to do the same and boycott the single payer system they have in mind by paying for private insurance. Somehow I doubt they will be as accomodating!

Colin said...

Good point. This is why it is preferable for such matters to be resolved in civil society than through government.

Jim Egnor said...

With regards to heath care reform:
Everything's okay. I have decided to give my over 120K 2010 wages to the Feds to help bolster our sagging economy. I think that if all of us who earn over this amount do the same thing..then everything will be just fine. Peachy, in fact.

But just for that year okay? I know I won't have a home anymore and forget that pesky tuition for my son next year. But there is a greater good here and apparently only people who earn over 100K should have to be responsible for everyone else.

Oops, kitchen timer just went off. I have to take my medicine now.