Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend links

About what it takes to get fired as an NYC public school teacher. Literally.
  • The Atlantic describes the final days of Merrill Lynch, which raises some questions about the links between government and the private sector.
  • Harvard Magazine has a profile of The Smile Train's founder Brian Mullaney and his approach to charity.
  • The New Yorker with an article about the insanity of New York City public education. The teacher's union figures prominently.
  • John Stossel says the Turbotax defense for non payment of taxes doesn't work as well if your name isn't Tim Geithner. Also see this post on stimulus waste.


Anonymous said...

RE: NY City Public Education- Does anyone doubt that, if health care is run by our government, we will see healthcare provider unions and attitudes similar to those illustrated in this article? If you don't want your children subjected to this type of situation, how would you like your personal health to depend on such a system?

lazer said...

the bottles in that picture aren't even open!

Colin said...

It's the thought that counts.