Monday, September 14, 2009

Dissent of the day

Yesterday I was scrolling through Andrew Sullivan's site to get his reaction to the weekend tea party protests and came across this post, in which he said that those who voted for Bush are "absolutely enraged at the possibility of any change."

This simply isn't true, and I dashed off an email to Sullivan criticizing his statement for the strawman that it is. Last night he wrote back to tell me he would be posting the email with a response.

Well, he did, and now my email is Andrew's "dissent of the day".

Update: Just got through reading his post. Shorter Sullivan: Obama campaigned on this agenda, it's a democracy, he won, deal with it.

I'll explain in a follow-up post on the tea parties why that just isn't true, and the sharp contrast between Obama's campaign rhetoric and how he has chosen to govern.

Update: Tea party post is up here, where I explain why Sullivan's logic -- that Obama is enacting the platform he campaigned on -- doesn't wash.

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