Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Richer than France?
  • Measured in terms of purchasing power parity, Mississippi has a higher per capita GDP than Japan and most European countries.
  • People who cite the Veteran's Administration as proof that the government is perfectly capable of running health care ought to think again. Make sure to check out the comments.


Josh said...

Hey man, the last link doesn't have an actual link.

Anonymous said...

Re: the VA, A physician friend recently took a job with the VA and complains that the clerks there sit at their desks and dawdle for 40 hours per week so that they can then get overtime for the work they let slide.

Anonymous said...

re: mississippi. so?

i dont' feel like looking it up, but what about mississippi's child mortality rate? literary rate? incarceration rate? poverty rate?

the place is rough

there's more to life than "purchasing power"