Friday, September 04, 2009


I ended up finding some time after all:

They can afford TV ads as well.

  • The Obama Administration strikes a blow for economic freedom by significantly easing family travel restrictions to Cuba. I look forward to the day when this applies to non-family travel as well.
  • An audit of the Veteran's Administration finds evidence of cronyism and millions given in questionable bonuses. But I'm sure a government-run public option insurance program would be completely different.
  • Supporters of climate change legislation are outspending their opponents. Well that sure doesn't fit the corporate fatcat/Big Oil script. Update: And speaking of environmentalist ads -- yikes.
  • Andrew Coulson points out successful public schools turning away students. Turning away customers sure isn't something you typically find in the private sector.
  • The Wall Street Journal looks at how the government promotion of certain industries has worked out in Michigan. Or has not worked out.


lazer said...

how's the Cuba thing a blow for economic freedom? seems good to me, and just a first step; non-family can be next.

but given the GOP lunactics, particularly in FL, re: Cuba, this has to be a gradual thing

vince said...

companies turn down customers all the time, if they're low-value, yknow?

Colin said...

Lazer: It's a blow for economic freedom as it allows people to spend their money as they see fit, including travel to Cuba and giving money to family members there.

Vince: Companies only turn down customers to the extent the customers won't meet their price.