Friday, December 18, 2009


Santa: guilty of labor violations, anti-dumping provisions...
  • David Boaz points out the real-life consequences of government regulation -- basically fewer businesses and jobs. This is what happens when politicians think they are smarter than the market.
  • A new report from the Mercatus Center finds that Democratic-controlled congressional districts have received 1.6 times more stimulus funding than Republican ones. Funny, that.
  • Two U.K. economic officials put together a list of some of the likely trade infractions Santa Claus is guilty of.
  • New reports suggest shortages in Cuba of housing and reduced imports of food. It's interesting because here in the U.S. we have a housing glut and problems with obesity. But I'm sure Cuban health care is just awesome.
  • Buy American provisions were one of the worst aspects of the stimulus bill, both angering our trading partners and raising the cost of inputs -- and price -- for various projects. So of course Democrats have now decided to double down on it.

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