Friday, December 18, 2009

Quote of the day

Esteban Lazo, Vice President of the Council of State of Cuba:
Cuba, a country viciously blockaded by the mightiest world power, with limited resources has implemented a real energy revolution that has enabled it to considerably reduce its emissions of carbon dioxide.
This "energy revolution" of course consists mainly of economic impoverishment which forces people to rely on renewable energy sources like their own two feet for transportation and using oxen to help til the fields. Basically it's reverting to pre-industrial technology.

Also curious that Cuba continues to cite the blockade as a factor. Shouldn't avoiding trade with the capitalist U.S. be a good thing? After all, you can condemn U.S. "exploitation" -- i.e. investment -- in the developing world, and you can condemn the embargo, but you can't really do both.

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