Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MA election

I realize the polls won't close for another two hours, but Brown is going to win. Take it to the bank. Consider:


The scene before Coakley's last scheduled Boston appearance of the day:

The NYTimes Caucus blog files this report:
As Election Day moves beyond the midpoint, there seems to be little optimism – or excitement – in the voices of Democrats here. Early field reports for Democrats suggest turnout is falling below expectations in several key areas, including precincts dominated by black voters, the party’s traditionally reliable sector of the electorate.
Then there's this bit of intel from Jim Geraghty:
One of my guys up in Boston sends along this tidbit, not terribly surprising, but fun to hear nonetheless: "My Democratic guy says he talked to three Democratic state senators today. He was just at the state house. They are totally depressed. The place looks like a ghost town. He said, they feel like [S-word], all of them, very, very depressed."
Politico reports Democratic GOTV operatives are "stunned" at the number of Brown voters and there is a memo already out from the Coakley camp which basically spins their loss. The Corner, meanwhile, is full of anecdotes which seem to suggest the momentum all going one way.

Predictions have a way of making people look silly, but stick a fork in this one, it's done.

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