Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stossel on high-speed rail

This was my favorite segment of the show. To watch the entire episode click here.


Anonymous said...

Gee. A bought-and-paid shill of the highway and auto lobby sources a bought-and-paid mouthpiece of auto and highway lobbyists.
How many people actually drive a Prius? They should be comparing hyprid cars to hybrid GenSet locomotives. Of course, they won't do that. Nor will they mention the Tens of $Billions$ of taxpayer dollars used to bail out automakers, highway trust fund shortfalls, and the $Billions$ and $Billions$ of tax dollars going into porkulous highway projects.

Colin said...

I think your claims about either Stossel or O'Toole being shills or mouthpieces for the auto lobby are unfounded. Further, Stossel is on record as opposing the auto bailout and stimulus, and I would be shocked if O'Toole didn't have similar sentiments.