Thursday, February 04, 2010

Fiscally conservative Dems

Like the Chimera of Greek lore, Washington is inhabited by another mythical creature -- the fiscally conservative Democrat. Much prized for its combination of wise stewardship of taxpayer dollars and efforts at bipartisanship, the fiscally conservative Democrat is even said by some to travel in packs. Frequently spotted by various journalists, these glimpses -- like UFO sightings -- rarely stand up to scrutiny.

One such sighting was made this week by a journalist working for Politico:
Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu, a conservative Democrat who often takes on Big Government, is criticizing the Obama administration for proposing to end tax breaks for big oil and gas companies in her home state — even though the White House estimates it could save $36.5 billion over 10 years by doing so.
You know who often takes on Big Government? The Club for Growth, whose platform calls for -- among other things -- tax cuts, lowered spending and deregulation. The Club for Growth also scores members of Congress on whether their votes reflect these principles. Sen. Landreiu's score? An anemic 33 percent.

Like the Club for Growth, another organization committed to reducing the size and impact of government is Americans for Prosperity, who also rate members of Congress. Their score of Landreiu's voting record? An even lower 29 percent.

Another sighting of a fiscally conservative Democrat was made in today's Los Angeles Times:
[Sen. Blanche] Lincoln is a dedicated proponent of fiscal responsibility. But she sharply denounced the cuts in farm subsidies that are crucial to her state. That is not only good constituent service, but good 2010 politics in a state that voted heavily against Obama in the 2008 election.
This one is even more laughable, akin to the flying saucer photograph later exposed as a frisbee. Lincoln is rated an abysmal 17 percent from the Club for Growth (almost identical to Sen. Harry Reid's 16 percent rating) and a zero rating from Americans for Prosperity.

I keep looking for these fiscally conservative Democrats, as nothing would please me more than a Democratic party which embraces less government and expanded economic freedom. Thus far, however, my odds of finding one are about as likely as a run-in with Bigfoot.

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