Monday, February 15, 2010


The struggle to promote green living in Boulder.
  • The Wall Street Journal highlights the difficulty of persuading people to "go green" even in the People's Republic of Boulder. I'm sure it's nothing that even more government intervention can't fix.
  • It may be a recession but spending on lobbyists increased 5 percent last year. Given everything going on in Washington how can you afford not to have at least a couple of lobbyists on the payroll?
  • Scott Lincicome points out a pretty interesting Washington Post article about trade between China and Australia.
  • A look at where the Soviets -- and to a lesser extent Russia -- seemed to get many of their ideas from for some of the high-end goods they produced. (HT: Greg Z)


Greg said...

Yo Grabowski, where's the hat tip??


Colin said...

Haha -- start a blog and I'll link to you!

Greg said...

I know! I need to utilize my google buzz skillz to dominate the blogosphere.