Friday, February 19, 2010

Stossel on education

Excellent, excellent show last night. Here are parts two, three, four, five (maybe the best segment) and six.

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Paradigm Shifter said...

I was raised by a teacher and a naval officer - one half of the year the teacher was a single mom while my father was deployed. She has now taught for 40 years, she has taught in Head Start, she has a Masters Degree in Education specializing with at-risk kids, she is certified to teach deaf students, she's taught in the projects. She's a saint in my opinion, and one of the most learned primary educators I know.

She has learned one thing - if you're a good teacher, you have nothing to fear from competition. She is fed up with her union, who kills any type of evaluation, standardized testing, or school choice. It's sad - as candidate McCain said, "THIS IS THE CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE OF OUR GENERATION."

My favorite section of the program was Part 3. I could imagine my mom as the woman who took on the DC teacher's union head.