Sunday, March 07, 2010

Health care wager

Last week Don Boudreaux briefly put up a post in which he offered to bet Peter Orszag and Nancy-Ann DeParle, authors of this op-ed extolling ObamaCare's fiscal virtues, $5,000 that ObamaCare, should it pass, will come in over budget. Boudreaux says he took down the post in order to find a more prominent location to post it (newspaper ad?).

Coincidentally I had a similar thought earlier in the week, although I'd prefer to model it on the famed Simon-Ehrlich wager. Here is my offer to any ObamaCare supporter, and I am completely serious: After 10 years for every million dollars ObamaCare comes in over original budget projections you pay me $1. If it comes in on budget I will pay you $1000. If it comes in under budget I will pay you $1000 plus $10 for every million dollars it comes in under projections.

Any takers?

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