Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Pretty sure Paul Krugman is somewhere at the bottom of that.
  • Health care: Rep. Bart Stupak claims the Senate health care bill is at least 16 votes short of passage. This probably explains why the Washington Post says Nancy Pelosi's favored approach at this point is to -- quoting from the headline here -- "pass [the] Senate health-care bill without voting on it." Such is the state of our democracy in the era of hope and change.
  • Jim Harper of the Cato Institute posts some thoughts on the Obama Administration's new national broadband strategy. The CEO of Google, meanwhile, certainly seems excited that your tax dollars are going to be used to support his industry.
  • Speaking of corporate welfare, Mark Perry takes a look at how government policy benefits the sugar industry.
  • Dogpile: Paul Krugman's latest column on China attracts criticisms here, here, here and here. Poor guy can't catch a break.
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