Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Time to learn some lessons from the Swiss?
  • Health care: One Democratic Senator confesses to voting for health care reform to support his party and President Obama, Nick Gillespie wonders if old people matter more than the poor (check out the amazing quote from Ramsey Baghdadi), and no one seems to be quite sure whether the new legislation actually covers kids with pre-existing conditions. We passed the bill and are still trying to figure out what's in it!
  • Richard Rahn writes about what we could learn from Switzerland. Literally just yesterday I was talking to someone whose company relocated to Geneva from Texas in order to take advantage of lower tax rates.
  • Here's a good video report from PBS about entrepreneurs in Haiti's tent cities and here's another from Reuters. Helping people and making a buck -- that's what capitalism's all about.
  • Energy Secretary Steven Chu says we shouldn't wait around for a "perfect" climate bill. Watch out, that's the same attitude which produced health care reform.

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