Monday, April 12, 2010


Shanghai: A lot of misinformation out there about China
  • John Stossel uses the energy industry to demonstrate why human ingenuity is the ultimate resource.
  • A new federal investigation says regulators really missed the boat in its supervision of Washington Mutual. No doubt the solution politicians will decide on is to grant such regulators increased powers.
  • Ron Paul says that President Obama is not a socialist, he's a corporatist. You can read more about corporatism here.
Please note that this is probably my last daily link round-up. Because of professional commitments I am unlikely to have the time to do this every morning starting from this point on. Rather, I intend to use the blog for longer posts and media highlights (pics, video) with links of interest displayed on the twitter feed (also displayed on the right). So if you like the links, that's most likely where you can find them going forward.

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