Friday, April 02, 2010

Reality check

Rep. Hank Johnson is concerned about the island of Guam tipping over while Rep. Phil Hare admits he doesn't care about the Constitution (which I suppose places him in the company of the Speaker of the House). These are the people crafting and passing legislation which grants them more power over our lives.

Update: In the interest of bipartisanship I should also note that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison has gone back on her pledge to resign her seat regardless of the outcome of the Texas governor primary (citing her children as a primary concern). Now, having lost the primary, Hutchison has suddenly decided Washington can't do without her wisdom in these trying times and will serve out the remainder of her term through 2012. Render unto me a freakin' break.

Update: More ridiculous utterances from various Congresspersons here.

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