Friday, April 16, 2010

Tea Party racism

Politico quotes one tax day rally participant who made an interesting discovery:
Brooks Alexander, a 23-year-old Olney, Md. hotel worker and Obama supporter who wore an Obama tee-shirt to the evening rally, said infiltrators were being disrespectful.

“They’re doing a disservice not only to themselves, but to the people who are here trying to express their views,” said Alexander, who is African American and said he traveled to the rally to verify for himself liberal accounts blasting the tea party as racist.

“All my friends told me I was crazy to come down here in an Obama shirt,” he said. “Obviously I have political disagreements [with the tea party], but I cannot lie. I cannot say that people have been anything but nice to me. They have been shaking my hand. One guy told me I had a lot of [guts] for coming down here. I will definitely walk away from this with a new understanding of the tea party.”
I had plans to go down to the DC tea party rally myself, but alas was unable to make it.

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