Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Conway's "fiscal responsibility"

This excerpt from an article on yesterday's Senate primaries in Kentucky is so bizarre I literally read it twice to make sure I understood it correctly:
During his victory speech in Louisville, [Democratic Attorney General Jack] Conway hammered on some of [GOP Senate nominee Rand] Paul's more conservative views, such as his opposition to farm subsidies and many federally-funded construction projects.

"We cannot afford Rand Paul," said Conway, who said he stands for fiscal responsibility and will run a campaign based on hope, not fear.
Conway, in other words, criticized Paul for his opposition to farm subsidies -- an area where there is 85 percent agreement among economists -- as well as federally construction projects which are typically synonymous with pork barrel spending, and then had the gall to claim he stands for fiscal responsibility. His bizarre declaration that "We cannot afford Rand Paul" -- you know, the guy who actually looking to reduce spending -- is simply the icing on this bizarre confection.

Update: More on Paul's fiscal conservatism here.

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