Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tea Party racism

Today's Washington Post reports on efforts by the Tea Party to counter perceptions of racism within their ranks. This is somewhat amusing, as such perceptions have been assisted by the Post's rather uncritical reporting of alleged racism at Tea Party protests. In any case, here is the article's summary of displays of racism at Tea Party events (of which there have been scores):
The question of racism and the tea party flared on the eve of Congress's divisive vote on the health-care overhaul in March, when black congressmen accused protesters of using racial epithets and spitting on them. Tea party supporters have denied the allegations.

Other incidents have received less attention: A sign in last month's tax day protest in Washington said "Go back to Kenya!" Another in Raleigh, N.C., last June depicted the president with a bone through his nose. T-shirts for sale at a July 4 tea party rally in Charlotte showed Obama standing in front of the White House, labeled "da Crib."
If you find this rather underwhelming you're not alone. The first allegation has thus far proved unfounded, with no one stepping forward to claim Andrew Breitbart's promised $100,000 reward for corroborating evidence. The other examples, meanwhile, consist of two guys holding offensive signs and a ridiculous shirt being hawked at a protest. Tame stuff compared to the vitriol regularly hurled at George W. Bush. It's just further evidence that the supposed endemic racism within the Tea Party movement is a media fabrication.

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