Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chart of the day

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For a country that ostensibly prizes the value of competition, the US sure doesn't do a particularly good job of promoting it according to this chart.

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Ben said...

What make up the "Barriers to Competition" that do not fit into "Regulatory" or "Administrative" categories? It's interesting to me that Regulatory and Administrative barriers are relatively low while the amorphous "Barriers" category is quite high.

Colin said...

Here are the definitions provided at the link:

* Administrative burdens on start-ups: Basically, the speed and ease of setting up a new firm. This has been getting easier in many countries, but on average worldwide it still takes eight procedures and 36 days to start a business.
* Barriers to competition: Covers things like regulations that block newcomers from providing telecoms, electricity, gas and postal services, and rules that may encourage monopolies and cartels.
* Complex regulations: licences, permits and the simplicity of procedures, etc.