Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hollywood hates capitalism

I've wondered more than once how much of the anti-corporate sentiment found in leftist circles is a direct product of watching movies in which the bad guy is an evil capitalist. The list compiled in this video only scratches the surface -- also think of Richard Gere's character in Pretty Woman.

In the movie, Gere's character would buy up struggling companies and sell them off piecemeal at a nice profit. In real life, this is great, as it helps direct resources towards their most productive use, thus boosting the economy. The movie depicted this as greedy and heartless, with Gere ultimately getting religion at the end and agreeing not to sell one of the companies off piece by piece but to turn it around. I have to think that for a number of people this is the deepest exposure they have ever had to business and economics, and they vote accordingly.

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