Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Boondoggle in the Motor City

The most illuminating part of this video is the interview with the politician, who both relishes the opportunity to taxpayer dollars and is apparently unfamiliar with the concept of limited resources. At the 1:43 mark she says:
"When we have the opportunity to rebuild an entire urban center -- which for me, as a person with a master's degree in landscaping, architecture and regional planning -- that is truly exciting."
Oh, I bet. Edifice complex anyone? This is the intersection of arrogance and the power to spend other people's money. Kind of reminds me of Joe Biden.

Then we get this (3:28):
Obviously [the idea that there is a limited amount of money] is not true. If that was the case then if we wanted to build a new school in Royal Oak for instance we'd say, 'We cannot build another school in Royal Oak because we only have so much money.'"
This woman obviously has a bright future at the federal level.

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