Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Recommended reading

  • Thomas Sowell: "The biggest myth about labor unions is that unions are for the workers. Unions are for unions, just as corporations are for corporations and politicians are for politicians." Read the whole thing
  • Ezra Klein makes mincemeat out of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. Vilsack's resorting to emotion rather than fact or reason-based arguments is instructive -- and embarrassing.
  • Mona Charen: "The lack of results doesn't matter. The only thing that seems to matter is that liberals are able to preen about their compassion -- oh, yes, and condemn anyone not impervious to evidence as heartless." Amen.
  • Mark Perry introduces us to what is quite possibly the dumbest mayor in America. Or just the most economically illiterate.
  • Robert Samuelson explains why Social Security is basically welfare.

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