Friday, March 25, 2011

Recommended reading

  • The New York Times has a very revealing article about General Electric's efforts to avoid the tax man through a pursuit of loopholes in the tax code. No one can favor deductions for various government-approved behaviors and then be surprised when stuff like this happens -- it's well past time for a flat tax.
  • If Ohio's new budget is any indication, Gov. John Kasich appears to be another big government conservative. Jennifer Rubin, meanwhile, posts an interview with Kasich which highlights his reform agenda, one item of which is "using profits from state-run liquor businesses to fund a public-private job-creation entity to replace the state development department." No governor, real reform is getting government out of the liquor business.
  • Good news: technology is making lawyers obsolete. Well, not quite -- but getting there.
  • More good news: the 2008 financial crisis resulted in a decline in inequality. A few more nasty recessions and we'll have this "problem" solved.

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