Thursday, April 21, 2011

But the Chinese are doing it

The New York Times editorial board:
The agreement between Congress and the White House to virtually eliminate money for high-speed rail is harebrained. France, China, Brazil, even Russia, understand that high-speed rail is central to future development. Not Washington.
So we should adopt high-speed rail because the French, Brazilians, Chinese and Russians are doing it? That is supposed to be a compelling argument? These are the countries we should follow to reach the economic promised land? The mind boggles.

The editorial then goes on to blast Florida Gov. Rick Scott for "mindlessly rejecting a plan to build the first high-speed rail corridor between Orlando and Tampa."  That's funny, because the same newspaper just last year ran an article which laid out all the reasons why high-speed rail between the two cities makes little sense.

If high-speed rail is such an obvious winner, why do its proponents resort to such poor arguments?

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