Friday, April 15, 2011

Recommended reading

  • Updates on China's high-speed rail system from the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal. Safety concerns, reduced speeds, budget cuts and "almost empty" trains -- welcome to our bright, shiny future!
  • Tino Sanandaji has written a new piece on immigration in a Swedish publication that he thinks will land him in a fair amount of trouble.
  • Damon Root profiles efforts by some Republicans in Florida to rein in occupational licensing abuse, which is also the subject of a front page story in today's Wall Street Journal. Actual excerpt: "By deregulating, [licensed designer Michelle Earley] told lawmakers, 'what you're basically doing is contributing to 88,000 deaths every year.'" It really doesn't matter what aspect of government people are trying to cut -- be it Medicare, welfare or licensing -- the inevitable response will be hysteria and doom-mongering.

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