Friday, June 17, 2011

Quote of the day

That a majority of GOP House members voted to maintain this unsavory scheme [of sending more than $12 million monthly to Brazil in order to induce the government there not to raise tariffs on U.S. exports to Brazil] suggests that that party, in fact, is populated chiefly by charlatans whose disregard for their oath to uphold the Constitution is matched only by their duplicity in proclaiming a wish to rein in government while pusillanimously voting to keep it galloping ahead at full speed.
I've long believed that, at best, only about half of Republicans are actual believers in limited government on economic matters. On issues of personal liberty, it's far smaller still.

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Update: Perhaps some of the GOP opposition was due to concerns over a trade war?
Deputy Whip Mike Conaway (R-Texas)“reluctantly” supported the final bill, as a result of those assurances.
“I have grave concerns with a provision adopted on the House floor that could incite a retaliatory trade war between Brazil and the United States. That is and has been one of my main arguments against attempts to craft farm policy through amendments on inappropriate legislative vehicles on the House floor. This is how serious mistakes are made, and one was committed today,” Conaway said in a statement late Thursday.
I hope this explains the opposition, but I'm skeptical.

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