Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Recommended reading

  • Voting with their feet: The New York Times highlights the trend of New Yorkers leaving the city (NY is ranked #50 among the states by the Mercatus Center for economic freedom) for places such as Florida (#14), Georgia (#12), North Carolina (#18) and Virginia (#5).
  • The Times also has a good article on the political influence wielded by public sector unions. Be sure to check out the part about "Operation Domino."

  • This just in: personal behavior has a big impact on health. Not really news, but it needs to be emphasized that individuals have a significant amount of control over -- and thus personal responsibility for -- their health.

  • Scott Lincicome tells a sordid trade policy tale. More trade commentary here from Phil Levy.

  • The Congressional Budget Office now projects federal debt to reach 190 percent of GDP by 2035. Not that I expect such inconvenient facts to dissuade advocates of expanded government.

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