Friday, July 29, 2011

A call to taxes

A New York Times reporter hangs out in a left-wing town in Massachusetts where everyone agrees on the need to raise taxes -- on someone else:
“My biggest feeling is that corporations and the very rich should be willing to be taxed more to help us out of this,” said Sarah Leinbach, 73, a retired teacher who had just returned from a vacation on Cape Cod. “I’m always angry at the greed of certain people who don’t seem to care about the common good.”
Dorothy Boime, a 71-year-old acupuncturist, said Republicans shared blame for the deficit. “They ran it up pretty well during the Iraq war and then cut the taxes,” she said, “which seems pretty unbelievable. I say, leave Medicare and Medicaid alone and spend less money on wars and military outposts for our empire and tax the wealthy more.”
Outside the Coolidge Corner Theater, Noam Shobani, 25, who grew up in neighboring Newton, agreed that raising taxes on the rich would be a reasonable way to help pay the nation’s bills.
...Howard Reef, a developer from Natick who described himself as a moderate Republican, said he was furious at both political parties for not solving the debt limit problem sooner. Mr. Reef called the nation’s appetite for spending “absurd,” but he, like Democrats interviewed, said tax increases should be part of the solution.
“Everyone has to make a contribution,” he said. “We can’t eliminate and hurt a lot of the poor and middle-class people without the wealthier people somehow assisting in an ultimate resolution.”
It's amazing how quick these people are to volunteer other people's money. And should those people resist having their money taken to fund the services the others utilize they are labeled greedy. The progressive line in a nutshell: they've got it and we want it. 

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