Monday, July 11, 2011

Recommended reading

  • It's Scott Walker Rahm Emanuel versus the unions. A taste: "Because of agreements between the city’s leaders and employee unions, many drivers often are required only to chauffeur other employees and equipment to work sites across Chicago. Upon arrival, the drivers then just wait while other workers complete such tasks as installing street lights or trimming trees."
  • Matt Zwolinksi offers seven reasons why progressives should become more libertarian. Pretty good list.
  • Over a decade ago the World Health Organization conducted a ranking of the world's health care systems that placed the US at #37 -- instant fodder for those advocating government-run health care that is still bandied about today. The editor-in-chief of the report, however, explains why the ranking is bogus (also note the WHO has refrained from further such exercises, perhaps a tacit admission of what a wreck the last one was).
  • Marion Barry, real man of genius. Remember, this guy holds elected office and wields actual political power.

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