Monday, August 29, 2011

Recommended reading

  • Voting with their feet: Michael Medved highlights the migration of people from blue states to red states (or, more properly understood, those with lesser economic freedom to those with greater economic freedom). This should prompt some introspection by the left, but I doubt it will.
  • Warren Meyer questions the notion that the oil sector is heavily subsidized by the federal government. The proper policy, of course, is no subsidies for anyone -- alternative energy included.
  • Gene Healy points out a cringeworthy interview with Rick Perry, and it seems at least some Texas Tea Partiers aren't quite sold on the guy. Hey, doesn't mean he isn't superior to the status quo, but that's a low bar to clear.
  • I've written before about the ignorance of voters, but check out this actual candidate for US Congress who has no idea how big the national debt is. 
  • Ever wondered why so many people build really nice beachfront homes in hurricane alley? Well, like most absurd situations, the government figures prominently. More here.

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