Sunday, October 16, 2011

Recommended reading

  • The CLASS Act, a piece of Obamacare that was supposed to save money, is now being scrapped due to the fact that it can't even sustain itself, much less contribute to deficit reduction (in any case, it already achieved its main purpose, which was to game Obamacare's CBO score so that politicians could vote for it while claiming the legislation was fiscally responsible). So let's review: the CLASS Act, Solyndra, new banking fees due to Dodd-Frank, persistent 9+ percent unemployment, a failed stimulus, the second highest budget deficit ever -- anyone else seeing a pattern?
  • While Paul Krugman may be the most irritating economist out there, here's one reason why Joe Stiglitz has to be a close second.
  • Speaking of regulation, here's an interesting investment idea that cannot be implemented due to all of the red tape. Well I feel much safer, and think of all the jobs that regulation is creating!

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