Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Recommended reading

  • The New York Times looks at Romneycare's inability to get costs under control. Key excerpt: "A state report last year found that per capita health spending in Massachusetts was 15 percent above the national average." But Obamacare will be completely different!
  • Actual small businessman Warren Meyer tries to figure out how Obamacare will impact his company. Seems about as much fun as doing one's taxes.
  • Don Boudreaux sends a letter to Rep. Barbara Lee. Fish. Barrel. Gatling gun.
  • Tino Sanandaji offers a typically thought-provoking post about Sweden. Conclusion: "If Sweden and Finland would have gone communist, it would probably have worked as well or even better than East Germany. That is not evidence communism is such a good system, it’s because Sweden and Finland are such good countries."
  • Bill Frezza looks at macroeconomic voodoo. There's so much about our economy that we're just guessing at.

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