Thursday, December 22, 2011

Recommended reading

  • The New York Times explains how capitalism is helping India's untouchables. One of capitalism's many virtues is the creation of incentives to work together across ethnic, sectarian and class lines in the pursuit of profit. Government, in sharp contrast, serves to exacerbate tensions and societal cleavages.
  • George Will has an excellent column on economic freedom and some of the great work being done by the Institute for Justice (other examples of their work here, here, here and here). Contributions to the group can be made here.  And here's another lawsuit related to economic freedom that is worth paying attention to.
  • Dan Mitchell on the Norwegian butter shortage, a direct product of government policy. Meanwhile, here's an example of government meddling in the dairy industry right here in the US (note the bit about an "equitable price for milk").

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