Monday, November 10, 2008

Chris Dodd

Chris Dodd is one ethically-challenged Senator. So it's a real relief to know that he will continue to chair the Senate Banking Committee during these tough economic times when Congress reconvenes.

Update: Instalanche! Be sure to check out yesterday's Craigslist posting if you're looking for a chuckle.


Anonymous said...

Must be rejecting that failed policies of the past, or something. Maybe Rangel forgot where the documents went. Dunno.
Gads. The masters of disaster are the architects or our salvation now. Sarc off.
Just not looking for the media cavalry.


Anonymous said...

One wonders if the apple, yet again, doesn't fall far from the tree.

"...censured by the Senate in 1967 for financial misconduct;..."

Anonymous said...

Kermit-green is a crap color for clickable links. Geeez.